Spontaneous Filiality

Timothy? Timothy?! Is that you? 

Ohh… I’m so happy to see you. Why don’t you visit me more often? It’s been too long since you came.

How long do you think it’s been?

Oh… I don’t know… Time’s become a bit finickity as of late. But I know you haven’t been here in a good while.

Well, what if I told you I sleep just there, on that couch? and have been since you moved to this place.

Oh don’t be silly now! You and your silly things…

Why don’t you sit next to me? I want to give you a hug and a kiss.

Well, because last time I did that, you wanted something more.

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of spontaneous passion, is there?

Well… There kind of is, Mum.

Oh stop calling me that! I’m not a mother yet Timothy, you of all people should know. Stop playing those games, I don’t like them. I don’t like them. Now come here and sit with me!

‘Timothy moved closer and he whispered to himself full of sorrow and acceptance “But you are Mum, you are.”

word of the day challenge: spontaneous

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