Is it weird that all I’m waiting for is my sweat to permeate off my thighs and onto his face? I think of this obsessively, and wait with eager anticipation that time of the week.

I get turned on by seeing him squirm under me; I know he licks it when he thinks I’m not looking. It’s such a wonderful act to watch – God bless the mirrors at the gym.
“Oh, come on! Please wear tights when you come to class! Nobody likes to have a sweaty leg across their face!” This is what he shouts at me after I lock him in a perfect arm-bar.
“Sorry, Jonas… I’m just not used to bringing them with me, I’ll remember for Thursday, promise.”
I do have long tights, I wear them for yoga – I hate the perv that always finds a way to place his mat behind mine and stares at my ankles, not my ass, just the ankles.
It gives me insurmountable pleasure to wrap myself around Jonas, like a boa constrictor… I love feeling how powerless he is.
BJJ is the best sport for women who want to defend themselves, and for those with a sweat kink.
Find a fetish that you love, and let it intoxicate you… Is what Bukowski would have said had he been more sexual and less misogynist. My thing is sweat by way of jiu-jitsu, as naked as possible, and if it could be Bikram jiu-jitsu, all the better.

Tales from the mind of Kristian: insurmountable

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