The Hundred and Eighty Feet Journey

Sometimes a detour is the fastest way across… Sometimes the straight line is just an impenetrable forest, jungle, sea, or wall… Some walls you can touch and paint, and you can take a chisel to them. Some walls have their foundations set deep behind ignorant eyes and no matter how much you hit them with education, those foundations don’t crumble -they only get stronger.

I’m on a journey to the other side. I want to see what’s so scary about them, and so different about us. I’ve carved a muddy dark path under the wall, I don’t know how far I’ve gone, if it’s enough, or if it’s too far. Maybe I’ll reach the sea and flood my tunnel, maybe I’ll find that I surface still on my side.

I took a distance of a hundred and eighty feet and dug a lifelong journey.

When I finally broke ground on the other side, I thought I was lost, and the darkness I’d reached was just another lost night, and that maybe I hadn’t dug deep enough or long enough to get across… But when a butterfly greeted me in the darkness I’d made, and it’s wings flapping echoed underground; I knew I was in the right place.

Although we’re separated by a stone-throw, the air smells different on this side of the night. It doesn’t smell like opportunity, but it sure doesn’t smell like oppression either.

I hope to learn about them as much as they can learn about me.


Journey – Cyranny

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