Amor Fati – Do you have something better to do?

Step and step and silence and step and step and nothing.

No dog shit on the walk, no fresh gum under my seat.

no car to splash me with its carelessness, no driver to shout at me for mine.

No planes flying up above or heading down below.

I cross the road when people approach me. They could mug me with their breath. Steal my health and allow me to infect.

A squirrel wonders around with his new pigeon friend and wondering what the hell happened with all the dried bread?

Wild dogs domesticate the street; ambulances speed along in silence.

The caging beast becomes the caged. We’re stuck in whatever we made.

Divorce filings go up while babies are born in confinement. I hope our studying of species in captivity has taught us something about our future progeny.

I bounce around all day between a Fantasy world of absolute absurdity, and apathetic nihilism.

I’m Captain Positivity in the morning and Mr. Ninny at any other time.

It’s a struggle to not complain, cause I’ve got my health and my family has theirs. I have a house with food and a window from where I can see some sky. I’m grateful for that piece of blue. I go to sleep with a smile and an ‘I love you, too’.

I really can’t complain, can you? But hey… It’s ok if we do. So long as we keep on going, after all, do you have something better to do?


Fandango FOWC – Fantasy

Cyranny One Word prompt – Ninny

Tales from the mind of Kristian – Ninny

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