Forgotten Classic

I was something once, you know… Kind of a big deal around here.

People would quote me in the streets, and tattoo me on their knuckles, and even on their buttcheeks.

I meant something to many, and to those that never knew me, I was something like a destiny, a light or a beacon they could aim for, and pray for.

There was a certain desire to catch me, put me in a glass case, wrap me up in gold and hang me from a phalange, (much too similar to a phalic prison for my taste) and wish me to stay inside the shiny casing forever and ever, or until death do us part.

Well… There’s only one way to go when you’ve become a classic, either you stay a tradition or you end up forgotten…

A broken


never to be spoken

to or of,

burnt up speck.

In the best of cases you’ll end up as a bundle of letters printed ontop of your favourite bakers cheap attempt of a quote.

Because a word without meaning is as good as a tag without a wall, and I’m just left here… Thinking, how did I come to be nothing at all? From ‘Gods way’ to an eye roll followed by a ‘not this again’.

The road from classic to basic is paved by forgotten battles, lost ideals, and its where Hope is a homeless man drenched in vinegared wine which you don’t even see.

I am Love, and believe it or not, I ruled the World before you came along. So cherish this moment, Apathy, because this too shall pass.


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3 thoughts on “Forgotten Classic

    1. I don’t know… I think of Stoicism and its core virtues: courage, justice, temperance and wisdom. They were classics for hundreds of years. Entire civilizations built upon them.
      Then I think of the world today where it’s more about: clout, charisma, individuality, power.
      And wondered… maybe even classics have an expiration date. Thank you for your comment!

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