– No Way Back –

There’s not much left here, other than fragments of crumbs of things that once were and are no longer; not much more than dust collecting in flaring nostrils of beasts begotten by fear and hate.

We’re nothing, not now, not ever, nor will we ever be. Somehow, we all wake up to adult life with this roaring power: a naive will to change the world. It’s a scream capable of tumbling statues, statutes and brick walls. It’s raw nature, egomania dressed as philanthropy, Narcissism hiding in plain sight. Look at me! screams the man who’s blind to his own arrogance. And this is all when we’re just becoming adults.

Then we’re defeated. The roaring change-seeking power becomes a stagnant pond of routine and safety; “let me know I live on a boat but please don’t let me be the one that rocks it”.

I’m certain of it now, we’ve uncovered all our masks by forcing the World to cover up in one. What irony… To know more of people now that we see less of them. How blind are we to our own judgement and our own ways… When did disagreements among people become war of ideals? At what point did we become our opinions? What terrifying thought to be forever tied down to my current opinions. I remember a time when I knew Santa climbed down my chimney and ate the cookies I left out for him. I remember times when heated discussion between Marxism and uncontrolled capitalism shared music and booze. Together on one table. What happened to this? As the chambers in my heart fail to pump me with any more fight or grit, the echo chamber I live in gets louder and louder.

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