The Cross Marks the Exit.

If God were a minimalist, he would have designed this church. It’s got nothing you don’t need and will make you adjust to what you have. It’s kind of perfect in its simplicity, and yet, it’s unorganised. Take the silhouetted cross which hawks above it all like a tree-topper without a tree to top, or the musical instruments abandoned in the corner like a Greek wedding’s aftermath; or the conspicuous black ceiling lights, like cannons from the battlements, pointing at the pulpit.
Disorganised and messy, and yet symmetrical and put together. I must say though, my favourite element of all, are the two “EXIT” signs stuck to the back of two pews – not on all, just on two of them. Does that mean you’ll exit this plane and enter the kingdom of heaven? Like what’s the preference, are they VIP pews?
I guess the church is only there to tell us where we’ll end up regardless, kind of like the TSA guards wrangling you through the queue; we’ll all end up going through the metal detector in the end, buddy, no need to shout about taking my shoes off, the same way the priest doesn’t really need to shout how all will be forgiven.

50 word Thursday

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